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Services of Neroli Met:

  • Orbital welding 

  • Welding

  • Welding stainless steel

  • Aluminium welding – Blocks, tanks, casings, etc.

  • Manufacturing aluminium structures

  • Pipe bending – For the food industry, etc.

  • Metal bending

  • Metal cutting

  • Metal

  • processing

  • Artificial intelligence programming

  • Product quality control with specialized algorithms and optics

Neroli Met service:

  • Maintenance of old equipment

  • Production equipment

  • Installation equipment, construction and conveyor lines

  • Staff training

  • Designing

  • Manufacturing non-standard technological equipment

  •  Equipment manufacturing and delivery

  • constructions Equipment

  • Equipment and conveyor assembly 

  • Automation of food Equipment 

From ferrous metal

Neroli Met offers its services for manufacturing various non-standard constructions from ferrous metal. We offer manufacturing a wide range of structures and products, starting from simple benches to children's playgrounds and non- standard constructions for factories etc.

  • For companies

  • For state and local government

  • authorities For private

  • individuals

  • etc.

  • Wide range of projects and constructions 

  • Non-standard solutions

  • Fast manufacturing

  • Low costs 

  • Delivery and transport

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Orbital welding

Orbital welding of pipes on site (with or without oscillation, depending on pipe thickness) with assembly!

Pipe diameter from 25–115 mm
Pipe thickness fro
m 1–8 mm


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