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Conveyors – transporters


Two-level feed conveyor - transporter

For transportation of filled boxes to the second floor with a 90-degree turn and returning empty boxes to the first floor.

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Vegetable cleaning equipment – Inspection table

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Automated cross-feeding conveyor, mobile, aligned with the trimming machine.

Metal detector conveyors for food products

We manufacture metal detector conveyors with actuating mechanisms upon request (pushing off, “pusher” - blowing off, conveyor stoppage, conveyor gap).


Cucumber packaging line

A cucumber packaging line in two floors with workbenches was assembled upon the customer’s request.

Two-directional sieve conveyor - turn

Transportation of food products in two directions is possible without changing the conveyor location.

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Transporter with roller drive

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Glazed paper package folding conveyor

The machine is designed for paper feeds in widths from 60 to 120, possibly wider, at a depth of 40 - 70 mm and more without a feed conveyor, min. the height depends on the filling of the handrail, to which 100 mm must be added for banding and folding, max.  height without feed conveyor up to 350 mm.

Length ~ 2500 mm /
  width ~ 1000 mm /  height ~ 1500 mm \.
Working height: 1150 mm.
  2 pcs.
Conveyor belts.
Frequency converter:
Optical sensor:
  S51-PA-2-B01-PK MOQ 10.
Adhesive: HB 5010 Buhnen Klebesystem.
Total electrical power consumption:
  3.5 kWt.

Two-level Minced pork packing line


New weighing and packing line

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