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Complex lines

Biezpiena drupināšanas, fasēšanas un transportēšanas līnijas komplekts Līnija ir paredzēta, lai vienkāršotu biezpiena izbēršanu, drupināšanu, svēršanu un gatavās produkcijas transportēšanu uz noliktavu. Iepakošana~ līdz 35 paciņas / min Jauda ~ 3.2kW Gaisa spiediens ~ 5 Bar Bloku formas pacelšana ~ 2,5gab / min, svēršanas iekārtas izgatavošana, pacēlāji, izgāzēji, apmetēji, daudz galvu svari, daudzgalvu svari, nestandarta iekārtu ražošana, biezpiena fasētājs, biezpiena atdalītājs, biezpiena svēršanas sistēma, automātiska produkta līnija

Curd crushing, packing and transportation Line set

The line is designed to simplify the ouverturning, crushing, weighing andtransport of finished products to the warehouse.With this equipment you can safely transport and weigh the product, whichsimplifies the work process and saves human resources that are essentialfor the company and use human resources in another essential place.

  • Packing ~ up to 35 Pack / min

  • Power ~ 3,2kW

  • Air pressure in operation ~ 5 Bar

  • Block form tipping ~ 2.5pcs / min

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Fish portioning and packaging line

Fish portioning and packaging line, delivery, installation, testing, adjustment, commissioning according to approved solutions and volume.

CE marking for all equipment.
Production equipment warranty period 12 (twelve) months from the date of mutual signing of the final acceptance certificate.

One new set of equipment, intended for weighing and packaging frozen fish.
Frozen fish weighing-portioning device, integrated in the fish supply, sorting, 10 kg weighing and packaging line. For installing at customer's premises, taking into consideration dimensions and ceiling height. Multi-head portioning device MBP 14C2 EW 60.


Continuous operation vegetable processing line with capacity from 500 kg/hour

Two-level feeding conveyor (for empty and full boxes).

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Horseradish processing line with roots positioning

Description of the horseradish processing line. Line reconstruction objective: to improve the working conditions in compliance with the sanitary requirements.

(Eliminating water leakage on the floor and its discharge to sewerage as much as possible), to reduce the number of service staff through automation of processes, and to ensure automatic weighing of necessary portions of horseradish.


  1. A 600 mm wide conveyor is designed and manufactured for loading horseradish roots into the washing machine.

  2. A tank with a sand trap (to prevent discharge of sand into sewerage) for discharging dirty water is designed and manufactured for the washing machine.

  3. A 800 mm wide conveyor is manufactured for transportation of washed roots to the root storage. 

  4. Control cabinet (shared) with separate control for loading and transportation conveyors. 

  5. A root storage bunker is manufactured which will ensure steady feeding of roots to the conveyor for root transportation to the cutting machine. 

  6. A conveyor for root feeding to the cutting machine is manufactured, with root positioning in longitudinal direction.

  7. Platform scales for weighing precise portions are manufactured, which will automatically control switching off of the storage bunker and feeding- positioning conveyors, because these units have to be stopped for the operator to push off the container with the finished portion and push on the next container. Note – When pushing the cart on, calibration has to be performed and then the feeding cutting line has to be launched.

  8. Shared control cabinet for the storage bunker, feeding-positioning conveyors and scales. 

  9. A lift for discharging the container with portion of horseradish onto the side loading conveyor is designed and manufactured.


Empty box feeding line with lifts

Ensures transportation of empty containers from the container warehouse to packaging workplaces. Lines are fixed to the ceiling and they ensure supply of boxes to workplaces using spiral lifts. The boxes are supplied to the workplaces in intervals not exceeding three minutes. (The parameter may change depending on the line configuration and placement of workplaces.)


Principle of operation:
- the warehouse worker ensures continuous feeding of boxes to the line which lifts them up to the line on the ceiling where distribution of boxes takes place according to a specific interval, and where boxes are fed to the distribution line using spiral lifts, accordingly distributing the boxes to workplaces.


1. Cleanness and work optimization. Boxes from the warehouse do not have to be transported through common use premises towards packaging, the clean area. Work optimization, no unnecessary movement of people.

2. Saving space both in the warehouse and in the packaging areas. A large part of boxes can be placed on the line without taking up space in the warehouse. Only the prepackaged products are located in the packaging area. This ensures orderliness of the workplace.

3. Lifts can operate separately depending on how many workplaces are in operation.


Transportation of samples from the first floor to the second floor with three-layer safety control.

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Automatic packaging line with feeding to a film wrapping machine

Automatic packaging line with feeding to a film wrapping machine




The line is intended for feeding skirting boards and door laths for stamping, and forming packs according to specific parameters.

(Modifications are possible according to the customer’s needs and dimensions of boards) 


The principle of line operation: 

laths are placed on the line and evened by placing them against the stop on the right side.
Then the separator separates laths from one another to ensure that they are fed one by one to the stamping machine where a stamp is affixed. The laths are forwarded to the reverser, which turns each lath over according to the program settings.
A pack is piled according to the number of laths and with a reversed last lath or several last laths according to the program settings.
After forming a pack the line stops while the pack is transferred to the film wrapping machine.
After lowering the pack to the feeding conveyor of the film wrapping machine, the next pack can be formed.
A signal from the film wrapping machine serves as permission for feeding the next pack to the film wrapping machine.
In the manual mode packs are formed by the operator and transferred to the film wrapping machine by pressing a pedal

Dosing line solution

New weighing packing line 

Parameters - 10 head weigher 

Machine frame - AISI 304

touch screen 7.0

Single weighting range 20 - 1000g

Accuracy - +- 0.5

Max speed - 60 P/1min

Driving system - Step motor

Power requirement - 220V/1000W/50Hz/10A

IP65 Waterproof machine frame

1.6 liter hopper

Gross Weiht - 400kg 

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