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Biezpiena drupināšanas, fasēšanas un transportēšanas līnijas komplekts

Curd crushing, packing and transportation Line set

The line is designed to simplify the ouverturning, crushing, weighing andtransport of finished products to the warehouse.With this equipment you can safely transport and weigh the product, whichsimplifies the work process and saves human resources that are essentialfor the company and use human resources in another essential place.

  • Packing ~ up to 35 Pack / min

  • Power ~ 3,2kW

  • Air pressure in operation ~ 5 Bar

  • Block form tipping ~ 2.5pcs / min

10 head scales  - Weighing system solutions

New weighing packing line 

Parameters - 10 head weigher 

Machine frame - AISI 304

touch screen 7.0

Single weighting range 20 - 1000g

Accuracy - +- 0.5

Max speed - 60 P/1min

Driving system - Step motor

Power requirement - 220V/1000W/50Hz/10A

IP65 Waterproof machine frame

1.6 liter hopper

Gross Weiht - 400kg 



Universal, special construction, bucket lid (buckets 5.10 kg) with


Working principle: Automatic. Feed one bucket, press in the middle and with a lid  perimeter sealing. Speed adjustable. H-adjustable.

Rotary table, for bucket storage D- up to 1250 mm, height adjustable,
adjusted to the line.


Minced pork packing line

Minced pork packing line

Neroli Met offers to buy a new packing machine.

Which will make work easier in production. 
Which will increase the production capacity of minced meat.
Up to 8 cycles per minute

>View offer

Automation of box packaging

Rebuilding semi-automatic box film wrapping equipment - automatic.

Снимок экрана 2022-04-28 в 23.38.40.png

Conveyor for wrapping glazed paper packs

The equipment is intended for paper bags with width from 60–120 mm (wider widths are also possible), depth 40–70 mm and more without feeding conveyor, min. height depends on the bag filling, adding 100 mm for broaching and wrapping, max. height without feeding conveyor up to 350 mm.


Length ~2,500 mm\ Width ~1,000 mm\ Height ~1,500 mm\
Work height 1,150mm
Motors - 2 pcs.
Conveyor belts
Frequency converter – EMERSO UNIDRIVE M200
Optical sensor S51-PA- 2-B01- PK MOQ 10
Sealer HB 5010 Buhnen Klebesystem
Total electric power consumption – 3.5 kWt

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